Monday, March 20, 2017


morning is best,
the earlier,
pink clouds hovering
over the continental divide;
waking up each day
is a terrible mystery.

stepping out of bed,
scooping the coffee,
the day stretches out
even as life contracts,
and my telomeres grow

Ah, St. Telomeres, from
the region of repetitive nucleotide 
sequences at each end 
of a chromosome,
what I would do with forever?
I already sleepwalk through this life,
how could I sleep while the stars
flipped off, one by one over eons,
until there was no starry
night left for van gogh?

Tired at sixty of the 
desire to own things,
to complete my set
of dishes, or salt and pepper
shakers, it's time to give away,
all that can be given,
and keep all that cannot:

this sunrise,
the sweet heat of this coffee,
my love, still sleeping
in our big bed
in the next room,
a morning breeze
her beautiful grey hair.


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