Wednesday, March 1, 2017


I enjoy
The songs we sing
As we dry the dishes,
While looking out at the
Day’s orange passing,
When the mountains grow dark
And too quiet.

Our plates and cups
and bowls of primary colors
are stacked away 
In their beechwood cabinets,
While the dishwasher sits humbled,
Broken, like so many things.
He never complained.
A monk of cleanliness,
He was a quiet one,
Except towards the end,
When his bones rattled.
He was a craftsman, and
We shall miss him.
If indeed it was a him.

And having done so well
for so long until those
ball bearings turned to grit,
I believe he will
Be reborn as an oven
Or a stove. A toaster oven
At worst. A step up
The karmic ladder
To Christmas cookies,
Thanksgiving turkeys,
Kraft Macaroni and Cheese.

By-passing the hell, thank god,
of the microwave,
Which can only reheat
what others have left behind,
that which began in the oven
or the sauce pan,
but which is now distained
by all but hungry souls
counting down the seconds
at the midnight hour.


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