Friday, February 24, 2017


if I say
a word over
and over and
over and over
to you,
does its meaning
drift from when
it’s on the
Scrabble board
or in Webster’s?
does it change like
a tree’s shadow from
noon to dusk?

do I mean the same thing
when I say:
“I love you”
a week, a year,
fifteen years,
a life,
the first time
I told you?
are you the same
that heard
then and hears now
the “love”
in my voice,
the same you that loved
watching falling stars
as much as stars
that never moved?

the same you that
I once roused from sleep,
after saying “I love you”
only four or five times,
just to see the morning star

drift away in the sunrise?

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