Friday, February 17, 2017


There is a crack in the sky today,

A watch dangles through
With its second hand sweeping
The earth clockwise.

There is the crack in the blue ice
Of Evergreen Lake with water welling up,
Slowly drowning the ice
with its cold spring grip.

I noticed a crack in the moon last night,
and the Man in The Moon flinched
Then he broke in two.
He orbited his new partner in a tango,
Then kissed himself back together
Behind drifting evening clouds.

There is a crack in the world
rarely discussed, that no one chooses to visit,
Oceans fall into it thunderously,
But few volunteer to ride a barrel down its
Vast wall; no one knows how far down is down
or what lies waiting.

There are small cracks in the faces of passersby,
From which loneliness seeps,
Etching their faces like acid,
Making them walk quickly home each night
With take-out and Wheel of Fortune.
Vanna knows that melancholy
is the toss-up answer every time.

There are cracks in the sidewalk that will
Break your mother’s back if you step on them.
I know. I jumped on all of them,
every single one, with all the weight
of my twelve-year-old self,
and while her back was fine,

She did eventually die,

Though it took god damn years.

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