Wednesday, January 11, 2017


the world spins
through a vastness deep,

where dark currents carry 
beauty unknown,
while all around god touches
with the speed of atoms,
the slowness of light, and slips
through our veins unfelt.

we dream dreamless.
our eyes see what we will.
our ears are full of words.
our hands hold bright diamonds
of deceit.

the world spins
through a vastness deep.

our days move like daffodils
and irises
basking in the sun
of a wild, wild
garden, but we sense
only the chill
of the coming sunset.
we forage for light
in well bound books
held holy,
yet cannot find even
our shadows to keep.

the world spins
through a vastness deep.

and when death, that long wait, 
overtakes us,
weeping at the last,
showing all the visions
left in darkness, the wild,
wild garden where we never slept,
the beauty unknown
we never allowed,
takes our hands and
leads us to the ocean shore, 
the horizon
lost in a starless night,
the tide swirling so gently
around our ankles,
we never even feel it
pull us down 
to that long sleep,

while the world yet spins
through a vastness deep.