Thursday, November 10, 2016


There is the sadness of flowers of course,
When they throw their seeds to the wind and
There is nothing to hold them.
No angels or sun or rain.
There is the suddenness of loss -
As when a friend dies that you’ve been
Meaning to call but then you get the news and
Everything is broken glass.
There is that place where love and hate intersect,
That sniper’s dream, that place where
You can never run fast enough
And everything is far.
There is the dream that ends with an alarm.
And another that ends with eternity.
And another that just ends and you realize
The sunrise ever does not wait.
There is hopelessness of course. Always that.
The wonderment of G-D and what does this mean
And why does life hurt so much
When all you did was open your eyes
After a journey of blood and stars and months.
There are times when
Only bare trees make sense,
Only clocks keep time,
Only babies give hope,
The impossible cost of truth
Is revealed,
Forgiveness is given,
And the trees bloom with a passion
Born of forgetting that
They’ve done it a hundred times before.
We are given this life for the remembrance,
For that moment when truth had a beating heart,
For when all that was thought lost was found,

And the night gained its stars.