Thursday, March 31, 2011

In Honor of NaPoWriMo: American Sentences

Allen Ginsberg invented a form of poetry he called "American Sentences." An American Sentence may only be 17 syllables. No more, no less.  Here are some examples by Ginsberg:

Four skinheads stand in the streetlight rain chatting under an umbrella. - 1987

Bearded robots drink from Uranium coffee cups on Saturn's rings. - May 1990

Crescent moon, girls chatter at twilight on the bus ride to Ankara. - June 1990

and my favorite!

Rainy night on Union Square, full moon. Want more poems? Wait till I'm dead. - August 1990

So in honor of Allen and NaPoWriMo, I've written two American Sentences:

1. If everyone loved poetry then all the world around us would rhyme.

2. If everyone loved poetry we'd fight wars over meter, not God.

Thanks for reading!



April Fool's Day is a fitting day to begin NaPoWriMo - National Poetry Writing Month, when many people will strive to write a poem a day for the thirty days of April. A daunting yet also easy task.

You can join in the fun and all you need is a pencil and paper!

I'll be posting my per day for the rest of April and anything else in a poetic vein.