Sunday, June 5, 2011

Weather Report

Does it seem odd, or is it just me,
that the “Jeopardy” answer is never:
“A president murdered by General Pinochet”,
or that the phrase on Wheel of Fortune
is never: “Where they burn books,
they will ultimately burn people also.”

Or that, 24/7, we can watch tornadoes
sear lives shut across Oklahoma,
machine guns fire across Gaza,
blood leak across dusty blacktop,
fast jeeps chased by faster helicopters
across a desert, or talking heads
declaim about revolutions
they’ve never needed,
their children never maimed,
their parents never disappeared
into dark waters
with hands tied in prayer
behind their backs.

Or, odder still,
me watching it all
as I surf my five hundred channels
with a bowl of popcorn,
so sure I comprehend,
so glad I care,
so frugal with my compassion

that I have enough for the whole world.