Friday, May 6, 2011

Dancing Away Those (“Don't Grow Old Pt. 5: Father Death Blues” by Allen Ginsberg)

Hey Mother Love, here comes the sun.
Hey rich boy, now love your son.
Hey young Mama, the day is won.

Mother Love, let’s sing that song.
Daddy’s song, but that ain’t wrong.
Sister Love, you too belong.

Young Uncle Love, so laughing and
Young Aunty Love, gives him a hand.
O Brother Love, how grand your plans.

O Unborn Children, filled with mirth.
Laughter, oh, will guide your birth.
Come and help us turn this earth.

Stupid Love, you’ve just begun.
Deathly Love, your bell’s been rung.
Mother Love, tear the devil’s tongue.

Oppressive Love, your words are false.
Student Love, avoid learned sloth
For there’s a universe to cross.

Jesus Love, it makes no sense.
Spirits love in the present tense.
God, love’s a long senescence.

Joy and pain share the same page.
This knowledge will make a sage.
One man’s truth is another’s rage.

Mother Breath, hello to you.
I see you brought your tapping shoes
To dance away those dying blues!


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