Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Good Night's Sleep

We spent yesterday lying in beds.
This plural is not a mistake.

“We need a new bed so we can eat cookies
better together,” we laughed,
and headed off in the red truck
to obtain one.

The salesman appeared to have
had a good night’s sleep;
I'm guessing your resume can’t say
in the mattress business.
His pillow voice of somnolent
accent made us want to lie down
on his wares.

Voyeur and exhibitionist,
laying first here, then there.
Waiting for some other couple to finish
on this one then that, this side then not,
miming the tosses and turns of a sleepless night -
but with no refrigerator with milk
or cupboard with cookies,
it was less than perfect performance.

We imagined tickling them with applause anyway.

After much false napping, bickering
and goldilocking,
we settled on one just right for night;
taking on faith
that it would be a good thing for that thing
most pleasurable in bed:


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