Tuesday, April 26, 2011

All Of Us

You who tell the poor to live on one cup of rice
while giving two warehouses to the hungry war machine.
You who heard Jesus say “The poor will always be with you”
and hear “You need do nothing for them.”
You who quibble over the feeding of Women, Infants and Children
while kissing the feet of those who profited from the destruction
of the American dream.
You who stand on the bones of the poor.

Be ashamed.

You who ride in sleek ego machines on the dark highways of lost America.
Who would lift your face before you lift up the poor.
You who would never turn the other cheek.
Who have no empathy once the child is born.
You who blame the homeless for your deficit.

Be ashamed.

You who drill the land to pain the skies with oil.
Who need the oil to power your electric kites.
You who have never, ever, scrubbed a dish.
Who build empires of flesh.
You who turn a blind eye to destruction.
Who seek to own what belongs to everyone.

Be ashamed.

You who launch rockets on Ramallah.
launch rockets on Beirut.
rockets on Tel Aviv.
on Benghazi.
You who broker arms to child soldiers.
Who broker false peace.
Demand other peoples’ sacrifices.
Believe the ends justify the means.

Be ashamed.

You who forgot Rwanda.
Who left the Cambodians.
Deny genocides.
Applaud Uganda.
Support enhanced interrogation methods.
You who say that she was asking for it.

Be ashamed.
You media preachers who claim to know what you can’t possibly.
You who are children of God, but advertisements for hell.
Who would deny another’s prayers to God.
You. Don’t. Know.
You don’t know, you can’t, not in this world.

Be ashamed.

You who are not sinners.
Who would decide who is worthy.
You who would decide who can have the love of a child.
Who dream of killing queers, gay and straight.
You who believe your right to divorce is sacred.

Be ashamed,
all of us, for we are complicit.

For driving the getaway cars of the rich.
For giving them the keys
and then buying them back.
For pointing the guns at the hostages.
For pushing them out of the lifeboat.
For believing Ayn Rand.

Be ashamed,
all of us, for we are complicit.

For strewing the landscape with burnt out hulks.
For being junkies and demonizing junkies.
For talking smack.
For hating.
For sowing the land with destruction that will not heal
even in our great, great grandchildren’s lives.

We are complicit.

For acting as if we care.
For acting as if we got where we are all by ourselves.
For acting different when no one is looking.
For acting our lives instead of living them.

For the prayers we offer in public but deny in our hearts,
let us hide our faces.
For we are complicit.

And let us be oh so very ashamed
that everything, in all the years since the Confederacy
went into hiding, since King was gunned down,
since the War to End All Wars, since the liquidation
of the Warsaw ghetto, since the Enlightenment,
since Hiroshima, since the Bill of Rights, since the Tet Offensive,
since the founding of the UN, since the Dust Bowls of the Depression,
since the Beatles,
everything is different,
and yet everything, every single goddam thing
is the same.

Be ashamed, all of us,
for we are complicit.


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